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Top Three Videos – September 21, 2023

Top Gold Insiders Debate the Coming Global Monetary Reset Stansberry Research…There is a Clear Move Away From the Dollar and Towards Commodities: Alasdair Macleod The

Top Three Videos – September 20, 2023

Seven Days in May – 1964 – Burt Lancaster – 🎥 FULL MOVIE PrimeSiteUK…Exposing a Podcast Scam Coffeezilla…Collateral Contagion Is The Big Risk Everyone Should

Top Three Videos – September 19, 2023

George Gammon- When Will It Happen? (Answered) Rebel Capitalist…Risk Signals Flash Imminent Collapse, Which Assets Will Survive? | Michael Gayed David Lin…Volatility in September |

Top Ten Videos – September 18, 2023

Bob Moriarty & Rafi Faber: How Will Gold Play a Role in a Divided World? Vancouver Resource Investment Conference … (From September 15)​…Housing Market Set

Top Three Videos – September 17, 2023

Rafi Farber: Why Housing Does NOT Preserve Wealth During Hyperinflation, And Some Hope for the World Arcadia Economics…Weekly Market Recap- New Market Highs By

Top Three Videos – September 16, 2023

Inflation Could Really Be Double Digits And Will Keep Rising | Shadowstats’ John Williams David Lin…Christopher Aaron: Gold and the Miners – Why Isn’t There

Top Three Videos – September 15, 2023

Bob Moriarty & Rafi Faber: How Will Gold Play a Role in a Divided World? Vancouver Resource Investment Conference…Maximizing Profits in Turbulent Times: Rick Rule

Top Three Videos – September 14, 2023

Brace For 50%-70% Market Crash, $150 Oil, Housing Collapse | Todd Horwitz David Lin…Tucker Carlson- Reckless Monetary Policy and Hyperinflation Tucker Carlson Episode 23/ Twitter-X…CIA

Top Three Videos – September 13, 2023

Housing Market Set For A “Cat 5” Storm, Worse Than The Great Financial Crisis | Melody Wright Wealthion…Gold Is Setting Up For Another Run (GOLD

Top Three Videos – September 12, 2023

Andrew Maguire- Russia Driving the Multi Trillion Gold Runaway Train Kinesis Money…Stock Market Is In Trouble, Says Technician Who Predicted Rally | Milton Berg Blockworks

Top Ten Videos – September 10, 2023

Doug Casey’s Take: How the World Looks in Five Years and What To Do About It Now Doug Casey’s Take … (From September 9)​…The Media

Top Three Videos – September 10, 2023

Recovery In Stocks Fizzling? Or Coiling To Blast Higher? | Lance Roberts & Adam Taggart Wealthion…Is China Collapsing? Will Millions Lose Jobs Soon? Economist

Top Three Videos – September 9, 2023

Doug Casey’s Take: How the World Looks in Five Years and What To Do About It Now Doug Casey’s Take…Bill Holter: Complete Collapse & Meltdown

Top Three Videos – September 8, 2023

Andy Schectman: If You Don’t Hold It You Don’t Own It – Myth or Reality? Arcadia Economics…Episode 2224 Scott Adams: Everything Is Fake And Corrupt.

Top Three Videos – September 7, 2023

BREAKING! This is about to get much worse, Ukraine says WW3 is here | Redacted with Clayton Morris Redacted…’Central Bank Digital Currency!’ (DYSTOPIAN CBDC UPDATE!)

Top Three Videos – September 6, 2023

The Media is Lying To Us All- Eric Weinstein: Why Can No One Agree On The Truth Anymore? Chris Williamson…AirBnBust Update: “Zero Reasons” For Optimism

Top Three Videos – September 5, 2023

Whatever our puppet government say is to distract us from the threat to our freedom | Neil Oliver GBNews…Gold Rally: Price Target Explained | Chris

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