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Monetary policy

Choose: Positive Real Rates Or Collapse

Guest post from Karl Denninger at Market-ticker.org: It’s really not very complicated. If there are negative real rates of interest, defined as the cost of

Adam Hamilton: Gold Investors Still MIA

Guest post from Adam Hamilton at ZealLLC: Gold’s sharp selloff this month has been driven by a confluence of factors.  Entering February short-term overbought, a

Hussman: Headed For The Tail

Guest post from John Hussman from Hussman Funds: The extreme “tail” risk ahead may be disorienting. We can allow for deranged monetary policy and enormous


Guest post from Jim Quinn, Editor at The Burning Platform: “Folly is a child of power.” ― Barbara W. Tuchman, The March of Folly: From Troy to

Rothbard: How Government Spending Hurts the Economy

Originally posted on Mises.org: [In this chapter from Man, Economy, and State, Murray Rothbard explains how government employees consume productive resources, while both taxes and government spending distort

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