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Stock prices

Adam Hamilton: Gold, Miners Golden Crosses

Guest post from Adam Hamilton from Zeal LLC: Gold and its miners’ stocks both just flashed major Golden Cross buy signals. These powerfully-bullish indicators are

Adam Hamilton: Gold Buying Only Starting

Guest post by Adam Hamilton from ZealLLC: Gold has powered higher smartly over the past couple months, achieving big gains.  But this gold buying is

Sprott Money: Watching Dr. Copper

Guest post by Craig Hemke from Sprott Money: As the new year begins, few assets are performing better than copper. So the question becomes, is

Adam Hamilton: Huge Gold-Stock Upleg Likely

Guest post by Adam Hamilton from ZealLLC: The gold miners’ stocks entered this young new year strong, surging to a major upside breakout! Their latest

AIER: FOMC Ratchets Up Inflation Projection

Guest post by Willian J. Luther from the American Institute for Economic Research: The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) has revised up its projection for

Parents: Eight Ways to Have it All in 2023

Guest post by Phil Denniston from InflationEducation.net: Eight ways to live your best life and never look back. Sure, there are signs of trouble on

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