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Stock prices

Adam Hamilton: Gold Stocks V-Bounce

Guest Post by Adam Hamilton reposted from 321Gold.com: Though still battered, the gold stocks are starting to stage a comeback. They just screamed higher out

Alasdair MacLeod: The Crisis is Upon Us

Guest Post by Alasdair MacLeod from Goldmoney.com: In an extraordinary week of turmoil in global bond markets, gold and silver rallied. In European trade this

A Global Financial Storm of Epic Proportions

Guest Post by Egon Von Greyerz from GoldSwitzerland.com: As the dark years are approaching, the world is now approaching survival mode. Admittedly, if you go

Jesse Felder: When bubbles go bust

You still hear the rare oddball holdout say, “I’m waiting for the market to rise for one last high in order to put in a

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